Panic attack

My thoughts and heart were racing, I was struggling to breathe. I started crying, shaking.. I felt out of control..I was having a panic attack.

My mind is all over the place at the moment but I wanted to try and post today. I write because it feels like someone is listening – or am I finally listening to myself? It’s good to talk. Not for sympathy or necessarily for help, but just to kill it’s power by allowing the truth of things to hit the air.  

I’m SO grateful for this weekend & spending time with my little family. Last weeks a write off, literally! It hadn’t even got to what I call, hectic hump day/ w#nker Wednesday (it’s now twat Tuesday, ha!) side note: if I don’t make jokes and laugh, I’ll cry!

I had just arrived at work when I took a look at my phone to see a message from my love telling me that he had been in a car accident but he was FINE! He was fine, but I still had a sudden surge of fear and discomfort that took over my body very quickly!

‘A trigger is the connection between the conscious mind and a buried painful memory.’ One of the most frustrating things about anxiety is not being able to rationalise and lacking the ability to shut the emotion down. Panic attacks are more than just an emotional experience. I was desperately trying to control and get myself together but I just couldn’t. My thoughts and heart were racing, I was struggling to breathe. I started crying, shaking.. I felt out of control. I was having a panic attack.

You can know all you need to know about panic attacks and I normally have such good control but when it suddenly strikes.. well I always say, ‘I can talk the talk but struggle to walk the walk!’ I’m very lucky to work with and be surrounded by the BEST team who did everything to make me comfortable and calm again – thanks ladies❤️ 

The attack left me feeling stupid, ridiculous and embarrassed! But it was just a normal (although, it didn’t feel normal at the time!) natural response, especially given past traumatic events. & if I witnessed it happen to anyone else that’s exactly what I would tell them.. Anxiety is real. Panic attacks are real (& they SUCK!). You’re feelings are valid. You have the right to feel whatever you are feeling. You aren’t being dramatic. You aren’t over exaggerating. You’re feeling and that’s okay. This is temporary. BREATHE.

3 simple tips you can try to use to stop a panic attack: 

Deep breathing. Breathe in as slowly, deeply and gently as you can through your nose. Breathe out slowly, deeply and genly through your mouth. I find it helpful to count steadily from 1-5 on each in and each out breath.

When I finally started to calm I still felt really odd and unbalanced. I kept holding my breath and so I was encouraged to sigh! to let it all out, relieve and balance myself again. 

Recognise that you’re having a panic attack. By recognising that you’re having a panic attack instead of a heart attack, you can remind yourself that this is temporary, it will pass and that you’re OK. 

Find a focus object. Pick one object in clear sight and consciously note everything about it. Focus all your energy on your chosen object and your panic symptoms will hopefully ease quickly. I also find the 54321 technique helpful: acknowledge 5 things you can see around you. 4 things you can touch. 3 things you can hear. 2 things you can smell. 1 thing you can taste.

And incase you’re wondering, my fiancé is fine bar pain from bad whiplash and lingering stress from the accident. It’s triggering. Situations like these you have to focus on the positives and okay, yeah the cars a write off but material can be replaced. My love can’t and I’m so beyond thankful he’s OK! 








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