The nature cure pt 2

25th April 2020

I hope everyone is safe n well at this time💛💕 

It’s been a while since I last posted about my exercise journey. Quite honestly that’s because it took a complete nose dive. The flare ups became too much and was off putting to the point where I couldn’t even face going for a ‘gentle’ walk because I was scared of the consequence to my body. I’m bad for pushing myself. A good workout makes me feel almost invincible! So unless I’ve got someone by my side telling me to calm the F down and behave.. well the push is inevitable really.

Instead of keep pushing myself, I just need to use my determination in a more positive way and I am so determined to get back to where I was.. minus the Bambi legs ! I know that I need to build up slowly. Real slowly! I’ve been using my lockdown; daily exercise as bit of motivation to get me going and keep me sane! Starting with some gentle walks. Yesterday, I decided that I was gonna add a little run in here and there on my walk (just along the river) and it felt bloody brilliant! I had a few moments when I was running and starting to struggle.. bad Danielle popped in my ear trying to push me ‘go on hun, see if you can run a little bit further!’ I was good & didn’t listen choosing to slow it down instead. Lesson learnt?;)  I dunno, maybe the total duration was a bit of a push but I’m a work in progress and I was enjoying the fressh air:) 

Today I feel good. Legs a little tired so a break day with maybe a lil bit of yoga later. I’m really enjoying the physical and mental benefits of daily yoga at the moment too. A peaceful body and mind is helping my anxiety👌🏼🧘‍♀️ if like me, you struggle with stress and anxiety I highly recommend giving it a go; I’ve enjoyed using the Daily Yoga app before but have recently discovered and started flowing with Youtube – Cat Meffan is an absolute babe!  



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