Everyone has mental health, whether it’s good or bad, or somewhere in between. Our mental health needs looking after, just like our physical health and in the same way that we can easily slip into bad habits that affect our body in a harmful way, we can just as easily pick up bad habits or neglect our mental health.


Here are a few tips for better mental health.

Sleep: I know all too well that lack of sleep has a detrimental affect on your mental well being. Some days I can barely function and my anxiety is through the roof because I’m so tired. Anxiety then contributes to more lack of sleep and it can be a vicious cycle. Disney piano music helps me. If getting enough sleep is becoming too hard for you, see your GP.

Exercise: Just like your physical health responds much better to exercise and a well balanced diet, so does your brain! You don’t have to go extreme and start training for a marathon or anything but going for a nice gentle walk for 30 minutes everyday will certainly help. If you’re chronically ill, I know this can be super tricky, as some days the physical pain will be too much or walking in general is just a no-go. On particularly rough days when I don’t want to push it I opt for my Daily Yoga app – highly recommend. It helps me relax and you can go at your own pace.

Daylight: Getting outdoors is so important. Vitamin D from the sun helps boost our mood and release chemicals such as endorphins or serotonin. It’s even more important to get more outdoors time in the winter, when the days are shorter. If you can incorporate your exercise with going outside, that’s at least two habits for good mental health in one!

Laugh: Laughter is the best medicine, so why not make it a daily habit? Make sure you factor in having fun at least once a day, whether it’s seeing a friend you know will make you laugh or watching funny clips on YouTube.

Talk: Don’t isolate yourself. Opening up can offer you a different perspective on your situation. You might even be surprised to find how many people relate to how you are feeling. You should never feel like you need to struggle alone. 

Practice gratitude: When things aren’t going very well, it’s helpful to our MH to find things that we’re grateful for. After all, good mental health isn’t about having a perfect life, it’s being able to keep our heads in the game despite things going wrong around us. If you’re able to find things to be grateful for on the bad days, the good days will feel even better. 

Let go: I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all had at least someone in our lives that brings us down and makes us feel like a pile of shit! every time we are with them. If you have someone like that, who doesn’t bring anything positive to your life, then it is perfectly okay to cut ties.


☆ What mental health habits do you practice? ☆

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