Thank you letter

I am so lucky to have more than one faithful pal on this journey….

This is to those of you who support me. My partner, parents, friends, GPs, nurses, therapist and colleagues. I want to say thank you; for being there, for trying to understand, for not giving up on me.

Thank you

Thank you for the positive affirmations. Thank you for reminding me that I am loved, reminding me that I am beautiful, reminding me that happiness is within my grasp. You affirmed that I am deserving of happiness and that my desire for it is not unjustifiable. You’ve made me believe that I am better than I was and that I will be better than I am.

Together we celebrate my accomplishments and in doing so, you validate my progress. Recognising that my progress isn’t linear, and riding out the highs and navigating the lows bring me a peace that you’ll never know. I am a work in progress but you never let me forget that I am more than my bad days. My weaknesses don’t define me and my past is not reflective of my future.

Thank you for dispelling my irrational thoughts. For making me feel valued when I no longer value myself.

Thank you for pushing me. Pushing me out of rumination and encouraging me to seek help. I was internalising my feelings because it was my safest coping mechanism, but you didn’t believe my “I’m fine” and you pushed me to be open. You changed me from being a sufferer that didn’t know how to speak out because you were a listener that knew how to respond. It wasn’t easy reopening wounds but you knew that I wouldn’t be broken forever and that facing my demons would be healing.

Thank you for your patience and allowing me the space to slightly retreat at times. My trust that you will always be there has never broken.

Just a gentle reminder to those who have friends that are suffering. Although you play such an important role in our lives, this is not your fault and our healing is not your responsibility. Look after yourself and your mental health. We admire your selflessness, however please show the same devotedness to your own well-being. Do not neglect your feelings, let them be known. Without guilt, put your needs first and if needs be take a breather.

Thank you for being there.

Eternally grateful,

Danielle x

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