The nature cure

Update: Following my post ‘a message to myself (& anyone else who needs it)’ the pain didn’t get better. In fact it got a lot worse and I had to call the doctor. I was told that what I was doing is great! However, these apps are not designed for someone with my injuries and it will take someone like me a lot longer to become more active. I’d aggravated the nerves in my leg that are already damaged, hence the pain and buckling. I was devastated to be told that at this time I am no longer allowed to run.

I have been advised to start slow walking and build up to fast. Then, after a couple of weeks if I feel ready I can try running again. If I’m still having problems then I will return to physiotherapy.

I’ve had to be patient with my body and it’s been a struggle getting to a stage where I can even think about walking, let alone actually doing it!

Today was the day though. I woke up in a FILTHY mood. I sat around for a couple of hours and even with the beautiful sunshine beaming through the windows, I just couldn’t shake it! I thought, I need to do something.. I’m not ruining/ wasting  this beautiful bank holiday.

Apparently, nature is the cure! Feeling comfortable in myself, I decided to put my trainers on and head to the river. Let me tell you, it’s the BEST decision I made today. I pretty much instantly felt better! Stress slipped away and positivity increased🌞🌞

‘Remind yourself of what you’ve been able to overcome. All the times you felt like you weren’t going to make it through, you proved yourself wrong. You’re more powerful than you think.’

Not bad for a Monday morning, eh🙌🏼👏🏼

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