Having a bad day?

Find a way to ground yourself 

Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, panicked? Find a way to ground yourself immediately. I recommend the 5-4-3-2-1 grounding technique. Start with deep breathing. Acknowledge 5 things you can SEE, 4 things you can TOUCH, 3 things you can HEAR, 2 things you can SMELL, 1 thing you can TASTE. After this step, I like to go somewhere quiet that I can rekindle myself before making my next step.

Take a personal day 

There is no shame in taking a personal day especially if you catch yourself having a bad day. Usually, I will take a cold shower, put on my PJs, curl up in my blanket and take a nap. I also like to take my mind off things by putting on my favourite Netflix show or listening to my favourite book. This helps me distract myself from my thoughts and keep my mind focused on other things.

Reach out 

Let others know if you are struggling and need some uplifting. I like to video call my mum.

Take it slow 

I’m guilty of trying to move too fast, particularly faster when I’m feeling low. I instantly want to ‘be better’. The reality is, it’s okay to take things slow. Taking life too fast can throw you back and can cause further delays. Move at your own pace.

Self care 

Don’t be afraid to take some extra self care on the days you are feeling low. Self care is so important especially for your mental health. Take time to unplug and unwind. Our need to constantly  stay connected can be draining! If possible unplug while you are doing your self care routine.


I am no therapist or medical professional but I would definitely recommend seeing both if your mental health continues to stay low. Your safety is the most important and if you feel you’re at risk of taking your own life or seriously harming yourself seek medical help immediately.

Also, know you are loved and needed and it’s okay to have a bad day.

Take care of yourself x

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