A message to myself (& anyone else who needs it).

I’m was/am feeling super defeated after going out for a run which very quickly turned into a walk this morning. After a 2 day rest I was motivated and ready to get back to it. My legs had other ideas. They hurt! & my knees and hips feel so weak. I managed a total of 3 minutes running then took the decision not to push myself. I went for a walk instead. I love walking by the river. It’s so refreshing and peaceful. Distance: 3.59KM

Celebrate what you can do instead of focussing on what you can’t. Today’s impossible will be your new normal soon enough. Look back at the work you’ve already put in and trust that you can do whatever you put your mind to. One foot in front of the other.

1 thought on “A message to myself (& anyone else who needs it).

  1. That is so positive Elle ! You are so right – that’s what I tell all my patients – celebrate what you CAN achieve – no matter how small!
    Elaine x

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