How to cope with anxiety

  1. Stop, notice, accept, breathe. Slow it down. This provides distance and often times relief.
  2. Relax your nervous system regularly with deep breathing, essential oils, mantras, warm baths, dancing, cuddling.
  3. Self soothe. Nurture your worried mind and heightened physiology with self-talk. Eg. “You’re okay. This is anxiety because this means a lot to you but don’t forget no feeling is final.”
  4. Weigh the facts. Ask yourself – “What is actually true here? What’s the evidence?”. Once you’ve considered the reality of the situation, come up with a more balanced thought.
  5. Don’t fall into the avoidance trap. When you avoid situations you are not dealing with the anxiety.
  6. Test it out. Often, when we get anxious about things we are making a negative prediction about what will happen. If you make negative predications, be like a scientist and test it out or how will you ever know if your prediction was right?


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