Today marks 2 years since that day. I’m not here to go over it again. Instead, I want to acknowledge and celebrate my achievements…

I learnt to eat and feed myself again. I HATED being tube fed through my nose (I kept pulling the tube out, I will never forget the torture of having it put back in again!) and only being allowed pureed food so I was thrilled when I was cleared to eat solids! I have a video somewhere of my first time using a spoon, (I can’t remember the date). I also had to learn to write again.

After my accident I had to learn to walk again, this involved using a walking aid. On January 11 I finally managed to go up and down a set of stairs which helped me get discharged from hospital. Feb 2 I ditched the walking frame, woo!

January 30 2017, I had my first shower all by myself #byebyestripshow #helloindependence.. it’s the little things!

On March 18  my best friend, supporter and team mate asked me to marry him and I said YES!

May 2,  I finally returned to work!

September 20 2017 I finally received my letter to confirm I ‘satisfy the medical standards for safe driving’. 2 weeks later, with the help of my fabulous driving instructor, I got back in the drivers seat! It was never going to be an easy process but 6 months later I was driving independently.  I couldn’t of done it without a great teacher, supporter and encourager. Thank you so much Mandie.

June 7 2018 I had my first CBT session (I have a little post sharing that day, ‘feel the fear and do it anyway!”). It took a while for me to acknowledge, accept and ask for help but it is honestly the best thing I’ve done for my well being. If you are struggling, I urge you to reach out. Ask for help. You’re not alone.

July 19 2018, I went on the motorway all by myself for the first time since 2016! It was the sat navs fault.. but I did it!

September 26, I shared this blog with social media in hope that we can all understand each other a little better. To share my story and to be a voice, to support and encourage others to open up. #itsokaynottobeokay you’re not alone.

It’s insane what can happen in a year..

The same day I got back in the car, a year later we picked up the keys to our own home! Reflecting on time, I was super emotional. & finally after decorating ect, on October 14 with moved in – yay! The quickest route to my work from where we live now involves going down ‘that’ road. October 2018 I made the decision to beat my biggest fear. It’s just a road after all. I tried going down it as a passenger on two occasions after the accident. The first time my body made an involuntary movement the second time I got very upset. It’s still hard, but I drive down it on my way to and from work now.

Little steps, big achievements!

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