We look out and care for each other. But doesn’t everyone deserve to look after themselves too??

Have you ever thought about your own thinking?What do you think and why do you think it?

Worrisome thoughts often grab my attention and are hard to let go of. It makes me feel weak and powerless. But we are not powerless. Just because we have 200,000 year old brain software (fight or flight) that’s never had the upgrade, we can still change how we respond to life’s difficulties, look after ourselves and take control.

It’s so easy to fall into being so busy that I have no time for myself but I have to keep reminding myself: if I’m not happy, emotionally and physically how can I give my all to others? If you can’t care for yourself how can you care for anyone else?

Give yourself permission to put yourself first! Make the time to take care of yourself. I officially, wholeheartedly, unequivocally give you permission to take time just for you. Book a date in your diary for YOU. No kids, no partner, no questions. Whether it’s going to the gym, taking a walk, reading a book, putting on a face mask.. whatever makes you happy, relaxed and allows you to switch off.

Your trauma is valid. Even if other people have experienced “worse.” Even if someone else who went through the same experience doesn’t feel debilitated by it. Even if it “could have been avoided.” Even if it happened a long time ago. Even if no one knows. Your trauma is real and valid and you deserve a space to talk about it. It isn’t desperate or pathetic or attention-seeking. It’s self-care. It’s inconceivably brave. And regardless of the magnitude of your struggle, you’re allowed to take care of yourself  by processing and unloading some of the pain you carry. Your pain matters. Your experience matters. And your healing matters. Nothing and no one can take that away.’

Self care is how you take your power back. Take care of yourself🌻

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