Being open and honest..


You may have noticed the topic of all of my posts is mental health. It’s something I’m passionate about, it’s something that I’m not afraid to talk about, it’s something that I think no one should be afraid to talk about and I think that it’s not talked about enough.

I want to create a platform for other people with anxiety + depression to come forward and chat about their struggles and successes so we can share ideas and talk about MH openly.

It’s not that I’m going through a hard time right now.. well I’m definitely not in the best space but I definitely feel like I gravitate towards talking about this stuff when I don’t fully have it all together so I wanna talk about it in a more “normal” way instead of oh gosh, here’s what’s going on now.. I want to be more positive and helpful rather than just write about how shit things are going.

Anxiety is something I just deal with every single day. It’s not something that goes away, it’s just something that I know how to deal, live with and manage. It definitely gets frustrating at times when people don’t really relate to it or understand it because sometimes it’s stuff that means nothing for example, you may ask me “what are you upset about?” but I’m not upset I’m just feeling really anxious, I don’t feel good. You know how like when your sick and you don’t feel good? That’s me. I just don’t feel good right now, whether it’s in my chest or I’m shaky.. it’s not that somethings necessarily wrong, I just don’t feel good.

How do I balance and manage that? I might throw myself a pity party, feel like shit for a night knowing that the next morning I have to wake up and start over – don’t be too hard on yourself though, a lot of the time you feel even shittier because you feel shitty because you’re being hard on yourself. Assess the situation? Can I pull myself out from this? or keep track and think do I really need to seek help? I’m definitely in a place right now where I’ve started therapy again for the first time in 4 years. I didn’t put my mental health first for a while. It’s something I’ve always struggled with. After my accident I was like, I know I should go talk to someone, I know therapy is good for me but I don’t feel like doing it, I don’t want to do it. I went on a long rollercoaster ride. Eventually, after several hundred discussions and a bit of persuasion I started investigating and started the process for therapy.

A lot of people are afraid of therapy or they just don’t want to go talk to someone or feel like you have to be some sort of crazy person to go talk to someone but it’s really not that at all. Seeking help is honestly one of the best things I have ever done for my well being and I urge anyone who can relate to this to do the same, if you haven’t already.

Don’t deny it, talk about it x

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